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IMMEDIATE ACCESS: To Over 6-Hours Of Live Video Training to Master Tax Reduction Strategies, Real Estate Investments, Business Structures &  Finance

IMMEDIATE ACCESS: To Over 6-Hours Of Live Video Training to Master Tax Reduction Strategies, Real Estate Investments, Business Structures & Finance

 Recorded Live in 2021

This Video Series is for you if...

  • Would like to learn how to maximize aggressive tax strategies and keep more of your hard earned money. 
  • ​Need to better understand business structures, asset protection, tax law and business finance.
  • Are looking to benefit from investing and create wealth by income and investment diversification.
  • Are not actively engaged with your finances or consistently learning the new tax codes resulting in you unknowingly giving away thousands of dollars every year.
  • Want to learn from industry pros, not marketers. This contains expertise from 5 different experts all with a minimum of 15 years to 45 years experience. That's over a century of combined business acumen.
  • And simply, if you want to MAKE more money and KEEP more of it... then this is for you.

You Will Get Immediate Access To These Recordings So That You Can Start Implementing Right Now 

(Do NOT wait to implement these strategies. The current administration is looking to make big changes, take advantage of these pro-level tips and strategies NOW! )

Why Should You Take This Seriously?

"The health of your business is not just how much money you MAKE, it's also how much you KEEP."

Marian Kubli,
Founder, Property Mothers
"In just one session with Candy, we discovered I had been overpaying more than $50,000 in taxes... every year! Working with Candy is the single best investment I've made in my business."
Marian Kubli,
Founder, Property Mothers
The reality is that understanding business structure, finance, investments and tax law (and how it benefits you) is not only confusing, but it takes an immense amount of time and money to learn on your own.
  • Laws are constantly changing 
  • Depending on the structure of your business, your personal assets can be impacted
  • ​Some critical steps are often overlooked and will cost you endless time and more money than you can imagine 
  • The time is takes to find these strategies and principles, let alone the time to learn how to implement them, is something no business owner has the time to do.
Look NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE will care about your bottom-line as much as you. 

Until you surround yourself with strategic alliances, the right business and finance strategies, tax reduction and wealth-building tactics, as well as the right kind of support… business can be overwhelming, stressful and can feel like a game of roulette.  However when leveraged and done right, business can also be one of the most amazing and satisfying experiences of your life. 

Which it ends up being, is up to you. But the bottom line is this:
What you do not know is costing you a lot of money.  Let's end that today.
Dr. Emily Dietrich
Physician and Health Concierge
"I wanted to work with a business strategist who is an actual business owner, someone who has real-life experience building incredibly successful businesses from the ground up. 

I wanted to work with someone who is able to break down building an impactful business into easy-to-implement steps. Candy checks all the boxes! 

She has an insane ability to break down her business genius into simple steps and processes, she is able to keep us on task while having so much fun, she challenges us to dream bigger, and makes what could be an extremely stressful process one of the best experiences!"

Business Structures, Tax Savings & Finance

March 25th, 2021 Live Recording with Founder and Investor with 22 years of experience, Candy Valentino. Bonnie Forte, a Tax Expert with 22 years of experience, & John Hauser a Business Professor and Attorney with 17 years of experience

  • Tax Planning and Strategy vs. Tax Preparation & Filing (and the huge difference you need to know)
  • Understanding business structures and the utter importance of the one you choose (Sole Prop, LLC, S Corp, C Corp)
  • ​How being “self-EMPLOYED” is still a job and what you need to do now to create WEALTH and FREEDOM
  • ​How the BIG businesses reduce their tax burden and all the ways YOU can too

Tax Reduction Strategies, Investments & Business Finance

April 22nd, 2021 Live Recording with Founder and Real Estate Investor with 22 years of experience, Candy Valentino, & Tax Attorney & CPA, Business & IRS Expert with 45 years of experience, Pat Iezzi

  • Advanced Business Finance and Investment Strategies
  • Investment and Retirement Options for you and your business 
  • Tax Structure and Taxation Savings
  • ​Benefits of Diversifying Investments
  • ​Breaking down the "beach house" deduction and other proven tax loopholes
  • Asset Protection and Risk Minimization 

Invest in Real Estate, Build Massive Wealth, Reduce Tax Burdens

May 20th, 2021 Live Recording with Founder and Real Estate Investor with 22 years of experience, Candy Valentino, & Trust and Estate Attorney with 15 years of experience, Jessica Rafferty

  • The 10 skills sets needed when investing in real estate... even in today's market
  • 3 common types of real estate income
  • The 6 phases of starting and finishing a flip
  • ​​The 3 main types of flips
  • 5 ways to find properties
  • ​​How to research your market, the critical numbers to assess before you purchase, and how to think through the costs associated with the ENTIRE project

This Is The Only Place You Will Get These Critical Skills

If you learn how to even just save $20,000 a year from your taxes… you will have generated another quarter-million dollars of wealth this decade. 

Not to mention all of the risks you would have avoided by incorporating the correct financial structure, tax saving benefits, and executing with the right strategies... at the RIGHT time. 

What we don’t know in business costs us more than we think! 

So let me ask you this, do you even know much money is bleeding out of your bottom line? Isn't it time to find out? 
Learn how to stop the bleed.

I am also including for FREE...

Home Office Deduction Form
Use this form to collect the expenses of your home office in one simple place, and calculate your annual home office deductions.
Entrepreneur Deduction Checklist
Use this list to better understand deductions and see those which are commonly use (and commonly missed) when thinking about what you can deduct as a business expense.
6-Additional Tools Pat Ieezi, a Tax Expert suggested Business Owner use Right Now
I am including direct access to the 6-tools Pat and I discussed and referenced in this recording too!
Linda Thomas
International Training Consultant
"Candy has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. She has a passion for helping others grow and succeed professionally and personally. 

Her approach to business is focused and mission-driven. I highly recommend her as a business consultant and coach".
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